We are providing an update on Sean-Michael David Scott because The Proud Boys continue to organize violent rallies in our communities. This Saturday, August 26th, 2020, they have organized yet another rally in Portland, Oregon. Information for the antifascist counter rallies can be found here and here.

Sean-Michael David Scott

Last September, we wrote an article about anti-Semitic/racist Seattle Proud Boy Sean-Michael David Scott, documenting his social media presence and his attendance at violent political rallies. After being exposed, Sean lost his job, changed his phone number, deleted his social media, and quit attending rallies.

However, six months ago Sean returned to his old ways - posting racist/anti-Semitic messages and attending violent Proud Boy rallies. This update will briefly document Sean-Michael David Scott's current online presence, his recent Proud Boy activities, and his current employer.

Posted at Sean's current Telegram account. Notice the knuckle tats match the pictures from last year's article.

Around March 2020, Sean became active again on social media. Now he frequently posts to The Proud Boys official chat channel,"The Great Kingdom of Zombe." The racist content he posts there appears to be quite acceptable in The Proud Boys' official chat.

The word "jogger" is frequently used by racists as a substitute for the N-word - a reference to the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery.

Another theme with Sean's Telegram messages is accelerationism. As noted in our previous article, Sean believes there is "no political solution" to the current political divide:

In a separate chat, Sean discussed racial accelerationism with former Proud Boy/neo-Nazi Jovi Val.

We've covered Sean's antisemitism thoroughly in the past, but Sean is still obsessed with the idea that Jews secretly control the world. Among many recent examples:

Despite well-documented evidence of Sean-Michael David Scott's racism and antisemitism, Sean is apparently a 4th degree Proud Boy in good standing. In fact, along with Zachary Thomas Staggs, Sean is responsible for vetting new members of the Seattle Proud Boys.

Sean's current Parler account. He also mentioned he is in charge of vetting on a previous Telegram account

Rally Attendance

Sean started reappearing at political rallies shortly after the coronavirus lockdowns began. Among the rallies he attended:

The anti-lockdown rally in Olympia, WA on April 19th, 2020.

A "ReOpen Seattle Rally" in downtown Seattle on May 1, 2020.

Another "re-open" rally outside the governor's house on Bainbridge Island on May 16, 2020.

A pro-Seattle Police rally in downtown Seattle on August 9, 2020.

standing alongside a national leader of the Proud Boys - Ethan Michael Nordean -- who was denounced by his own father

The violent "Say No to Marxism" + "Mother of All Back the Blue Rallies" in Portland, Oregon on August 22, 2020.

No doubt Sean will also be attending this Saturday's rally in Portland.

It's clear to us that Sean has not changed for the better since our last article. We do not think it's appropriate for a violent, racist, anti-Semitic hate group member to be sent into people's homes to clean windows and gutters (or for any other reason). We are asking folks to contact GU-WI and RESPECTFULLY ask them to reconsider their employment of Sean-Michael David Scott.

Sean-Michael David Scott himself can be reached at (206)351-4094.

We would like to make one final note - The Proud Boys frequently claim they are not a racist group. However, their ties and connections to numerous overt neo-Nazis and racists are undeniable. Sean-Michael David Scott actually helps vet new members into the organization, and pals around with a national leader of The Proud Boys, but he is just one example. Please see this mega-thread for more examples of Proud Boys and their connections to neo-Nazism. We will see you at Peninsula Park in Portland, Oregon on September 26 at 12 PM.