December 15, 2021

Jacob Stephen Sundt, aka “Clarke WA”

Sundt as pictured on his now-removed Facebook account.

Jacob Stephen Sundt is a member of the neo-Nazi, neo-fascist, white-supremacist group “Patriot Front.” He operates under the name “Clarke WA” and lives in Olympia, WA.

Sundt is responsible for planning the vandalism of the “Respect & Love Olympia” LGBTQ mural under the direct guidance of both his Network Director “John WA” and the leader of Patriot Front, Thomas Rousseau.

Jake Sundt is also the son of a judge for the Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings.


Jacob Sundt has been an enthusiastic and active Patriot Front member since early September 2021. Network Director “John WA” considers Sundt to be fit for leadership roles, even considering him as a potential Network Director candidate. Meanwhile, Sundt continues to vandalize local businesses, deface other LGBTQ murals, and target artwork he believes was created by Jewish artists in Western Washington.

Sundt was quick to take on work for the neo-nazis. Within days of his acceptance to the group, he was spotted helping to create banners at Ravensdale Park in Ravensdale, WA, and the far southeast corner of Sunset Park in SeaTac, WA. Both parks are frequent banner creation venues for the group.

Sundt (right) with "Ethan WA" carrying banner supplies and water at Sunset Park.
Sundt painting a "Reclaim America" banner in Ravensdale, WA.
Sundt taking a phone break while creating banners. Patriot Front stencils are seen behind him.

One week later, he was at the meetup at which another member discussed printing ghost guns. Sundt is pictured here reading a Patriot Front handout as other members work on cutting coroplast stencils that would be used in later hate crimes.

Since then, Sundt has been enthusiastic about stickering, stenciling, and otherwise making a name for himself as an activist in the fascist organization.

As a former security worker at local campuses, Sundt would often target academic institutions with his stickering campaigns.

He has targeted the Evergreen State College in Olympia…

…as well as South Puget Sound Community College.

Because of his evening work schedule, Sundt is available to do early morning hate crimes under the cover of darkness. He often goes out with other members to stencil neighborhoods or target artwork that he doesn’t like.

Sundt (left) after stenciling Capitol Hill near where the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" once stood. Note his jacket, which appears in banner drop pics and elsewhere.

Still, Sundt complains about working overnight shifts, which interferes with his ability to “coordinate with racists.”

Sundt, like other members, expressed disbelief that local anti-fascists were tracking his movements. After reading tweets talking about spotting them and covering up their vandalism, they couldn’t believe how quickly their work was reversed. They may very well believe it now!


Jacob Sundt is a shameless neo-nazi who vents his frustrations about living in liberal cities and takes out his anger on the LGBTQ community.

Sundt specifically notes the presence of local antifascists who are Jewish, which other members believe correlates with Seattle’s relative acceptance of LGBTQ issues. Since Patriot Front membership requires beliefs in antisemitism and equating LGBTQ acceptance with “degeneracy,” these concerns tie together their other bigotries with their neo-Nazi philosophy.

He claims his mother shares some of his bigoted views, believing gay people are “mentally ill” as a result of “childhood abuse.”

While organizing hate crimes against the local LGBTQ community on Telegram,1 Sundt trades neo-nazi stickers with other members.

Sundt shares a Hitler picture, followed by "Alexander OR" sharing a Nazi "White Power" graphic.

Sundt says he owns a “Weaponized Autism” shirt, referencing a meme that has varied meanings but is used by Nazis to incorrectly label some behaviors beneficial to white nationalism as “autistic.”

He also goes out of his way to target bars that he believes are affiliated with antifascism and vandalizes photos of Black men who have been killed by police.

In addition to being racist, Sundt is also misogynistic. Sundt displays his misogyny, agreeing with other members that women “shouldn’t work” and using ableist slurs to describe women.

He has even joked about assaulting women, calling such behavior “based.”

Notable Appearances With Patriot Front

Banner Drops

One of Patriot Front’s most common types of “activism” is hanging banners with ethno-nationalist slogans and Nazi dogwhistles on overpasses.

Sundt has been sighted frequently at banner drops across the Puget Sound area. He often wears a blue sweater with an American flag on one arm.

Within the first week of his membership, he was creating banners and dropping them in Seattle, including this “America First” banner placed on 9/11.

Occasionally the local Patriot Front network, “Network 8,” will have some members attach the banners to highways while other members fly either the Betsy Ross flag or the fascist Patriot Front flag. Sundt was spotted waving the Besty Ross flag at various banner drops in south King and Kitsap Counties.

As shown in the picture below, Patriot Front members climbed on top of a covered pedestrian overpass to attach a banner, believing that the fencing would keep others from removing their materials. It did not. The banner was removed almost immediately.

Patriot Front does not allow members to fly the 50-star US flag unless it is flown upside down. This represents their belief that the United States is in a type of moral distress, often casually referred to by members as “ZOG influence.”2

Sundt with a flag turned upside down on his hat.
"Ethan WA" (left) and Sundt (right)

Sundt not only attends banner drops, but plans them for bridges in his vicinity and is responsible for muliple such acts in the Olympia area.

Sundt (center left), without sunglasses, watching over a banner drop in Tumwater, WA.

Defacing “Respect & Love” Rainbow Mural in Olympia

Around 3:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 16th, members of Patriot Front vandalized a “Respect & Love Olympia” mural, covering it with white paint before stenciling over it with their nationalist slogan and links to their Nazi website.

From the Journal of Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater (JOLT):

The Rainbow mural was created in 2014 as a community statement against hate crimes happening in Olympia, including several violent attacks outside Jake’s, then Olympia’s sole gay bar, according to Schlecht. (archive)

Jacob Sundt was the Patriot Front member tasked with planning and execution of this event. As an Olympia local, Sundt identified the mural as a target and worked out the logistics of the coverup.

Thomas Rousseau was also directly involved in the planning. In audio leaked from a call on December 10th, Rousseau directed that high-profile actions are to be run by him or a Network Director. In this case, both he and the Network 8 Network Director were involved in the planning for the Olympia hate crime, as evidenced by an earlier leaked planning call from October 8th:

Sundt held a rehearsal earlier on the night of October 15th by trespassing on the Tumwater Brewery property, where members did practice runs and timed how long it took them to deploy the banner stencils.

In Olympia, Sundt oversaw the action and acted as a lookout, ready to call it off if the police came onto the scene.

After the hate crime, Sundt mocked the mural, making a Patriot Front meme that was shared in the Network 8 telegram channel.

Sundt's meme portraying a dog in Patriot Front uniform in front of the vandalized LGBTQ mural.

Sundt also repeatedly returned to the scene, discussing ways to more permanently damage the mural and leaving behind stickers to taunt the community.

Targeting Art By Jewish Artists

After defacing the Olympia mural, Jacob Sundt continued to find artwork created by the same artist, whom he believed to be Jewish due to her last name. Because of the decision of the mural owners to take down the Olympia mural, Sundt felt empowered to continue his harassment campaign.

Sundt references pipe figures that hold a banner (at the time of the vandalism it displayed a “Black Lives Matter” message).

Sundt painted over the banner with Patriot Front stencils, later discussing the fallout in the organization’s chat.

Sundt shared this image in the Network 8 chat, showing the destruction he caused to the banner.

Patriot Front and Swastika Stenciling in Enumclaw

Prior to the Olympia mural hate crime, Jacob Sundt was also present when Network 8 members practiced stenciling underneath a bridge near Enumclaw.

Unlike James “Tyler WA” Johnson, Sundt has no reservations about the group putting up swastikas at a Patriot Front gathering. Audio shows him coaching a younger member on how to correctly paint a swastika, using the euphemism “friendship windmill.”

Washington State Hikes

Members will occasionally hike around Washington state in order to grab photo opportunities to share on social media for recruitment.

Sundt has taken part in one hike, wearing his blue Patriot Front jacket.

Sundt (center) in between James Johnson (left) and "David WA" (right).

Drilling and Sparring in Tumwater

In preparation for their December event in Washington DC, Network 8 members held drilling and sparring meetups. Members practiced marching and shield work, essentially trying out for the shield teams present at some PF marches.

Despite a poor performance in boxing technique, footwork, stance, and sparring, Sundt was given a position on one of the national demonstration’s shield teams. This position was awarded by his Network Director, “John WA,” who also talks up his boxing skills to other members despite sharing Sundt’s deficiencies.

Network 8 Thanksgiving Party near Darrington, WA

Jacob Sundt was present at the Network 8 Thanksgiving party near Darrington, WA.

Prior to the meetup, Sundt had made it a habit to steal signs from people’s yards in Olympia. He believed that Patriot Front should repurpose those signs as canvases for their own stencils.

Sundt also joked about how the signs might have been stolen from people of color.

Sundt was photographed in front of the stolen and re-painted signs at the Thanksgiving retreat.

March on Washington, DC

On December 4th, 2021 Patriot Front held a march in Washington, DC.

Jacob Sundt was spotted at SeaTac Airport with other NW8 members, waiting for a flight to Newark. He wore a Burger King hat in the terminal as a deliberate reference to a viral video in which a man on a JetBlue flight gets into multiple altercations after shouting the n-word.

Our astute readers will catch that Newark, NJ, is an inconvenient distance from Washington, DC, and there are closer airports. The reason for this inconvenience is that Thomas Rousseau is afraid that Patriot Front’s inept membership, or its infiltrators, will leak his campsite address and/or hints as to the final march location. He worries such a leak could put the march at risk of disruption.

So, before any national Patriot Front event, Thomas intentionally tells his members to fly into different airports hours away from the campsite, and doesn't tell most members the final event location. His followers will blindly enter box trucks and discover the location of the march upon arrival. Rousseau also reasoned that PF members on return flights out of a Washington, DC airport might face additional scrutiny from the government after their openly fascist march… in effect forcing members to make long drives back to distant airports for departure.

Thus Sundt arrived in Newark Friday night, rode over four hours to Virginia, and camped with Patriot Front members at their campsite near Unionville, Virginia3. During the event, he was assigned to a light shield team along with Network Director “John WA,” “Ethan WA,” “David WA,” and “George MN” (formerly “George WA”).

Patriot Front members found themselves stranded at Arlington Cemetery when their box trucks did not arrive in a timely manner due to apparent logistical issues. This caused Sundt and other Network 8 members to have a long, very late drive back to Newark where they barely made their early morning flight back to Seattle.

Identifying Information

Full name: Jacob Stephen Sundt

Birthday: 10/16/1996

Address: 2007 Marion St NE, Olympia, WA 98506

Social Media

Telegram: @GangPNW

In anticipation of this article, Jacob Sundt deleted his Facebook.


Jacob Sundt does warehouse work for Costco and recently transferred from Tacoma to their Olympia location.

Kindly ask Costco if Sundt is the kind of person they should employ:


5500 Littlerock Rd SW
Tumwater, WA

Phone: (360) 357-6580


Sundt had a security license:

Sundt has also told other members about his time working as security on Olympia college campuses. He used his knowledge to advise other members on the workings and limitations of campus security.

Sundt has expressed a desire to get back into private security.


2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

Sundt drives a yellow 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt.

Sundt provided us with this helpful image of his trunk after stealing someone's yard sign.

License plate: Washington BZS0725. Sundt has already applied for new plates4 for his car but had not received them at the time this article was written.

2004 Victory Vegas

Sundt also rides a 2004 Victory Vegas.

One of Sundt's now-removed Facebook pictures, showing him and his motorcycle.

License plate: Washington 5F06214

1 Networks are not supposed to use communication platforms outside of the Rocket Chat server set up by Patriot Front leadership, much less unencrypted Telegram channels. Despite explicit warnings from members that such behavior breaks the rules, their Network Director “John WA” instructs them to use Telegram anyway.

2 Thomas Rousseau is careful to not express these beliefs explicitly in Patriot Front’s public messaging. Nevertheless, members will sometimes request that the organization “name the Jew,” i.e., openly embrace neo-Nazi conspiracy theories.

In the audio recording below, a Kansas member asks Thomas why the messaging is so carefully worded. Thomas goes on at length about why he avoids mentioning Jews and people of color in his propaganda.

3 Current Patriot Front social media channels have pictures of the campground labeled as “undisclosed drilling grounds” in Maryland. This is a lie.

4 Patriot Front guidelines for information and operational security advise members to get new plates if they get doxxed. Anti-fascist activists are on alert to monitor and report back if any Patriot Front member changes his license plates.